Stories About Passion

Meet Alicia

Hey there! I am Alicia, the hands behind Alixtea. I want to thank you for taking the time in visiting Alixtea and researching a bit more about me.

I started my sewing journey in 2007, when my first nephew was born. I will always have in mind the first romper I made for him, as it was an important event to me. After this, sewing become a passion to me. Suddenly, I had an amazing tool in my hands that allowed me to make come true anything that I could think of. I discovered a huge new world.

Brand Philosophy

As I got more experienced, I established certain values that would rule over my sewing habits that wouldn’t damage the environment.

These would be based in the use of natural components and avoiding animal derivates. For instance, my backpacks are fleeced with cotton padding, not polyester. And its bases are made with cork fabric or faux leather instead of real leather.

Moreover, the design helps it to be repaired, in case it was needed, and extend its shelf-life.

We take care of the planet by watching the details.

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